Aggression Against Humans: Why Cats Bite Or Beat

Aggression Against Humans: Why Cats Bite Or Beat

Do you have a cat at home that sometimes suddenly beats or bites out of the blue? And have you ever wondered why she does that? Today I would like to explain the reasons why cats show aggression against humans.

Ouch! Such a cat strike can hurt a lot! But why did it even happen?

That's what I asked myself at that time, with my sweet cat Noa. Out of nowhere, he could attack my arm, bit while petting or had it on my feet. His behavior was completely unclear to me at the time. Today I know why it was that Noa attacked his people.

Aggression In Cats
First off the front, that no misunderstandings arise. Aggression in cats is completely normal and sometimes vital. Aggression is the language of the cat. The only problem is that we do not speak the same language and do not understand what she's trying to tell us.

It almost never happens that a cat bites or hits a person without first warning them. If the person does not recognize the warning, a blow follows. For the cat very clear - painful and unexplainable for humans.

By the way: did you know that short-haired cats are usually a bit more aggressive than their long-haired comrades? In addition, the aggressiveness in cats often increases with age.

Types Of Aggression In Cats
Unfortunately, more and more often I hear about cats that are aggressive towards their owners. The causes can be diverse, yet you can roughly divide them.
  • The cat reacts aggressively because it wants or needs to defend itself
  • The cat reacts aggressively because it attacks (to clarify something)

  • Lack of socialization of the cat

The inadequate socialization of the cat to humans or in general is one of the main causes of aggression of the cat. Here the cat simply does not blame. She did not grow up with people and is just afraid of him.

To "fix" the lack of socialization in humans is a difficult and lengthy undertaking and sometimes not possible at all.

In addition, if the cat was separated from her mother too early in her first weeks of life (before the 12th week), she missed her most formative mother-kitten phase and will face conspicuousness throughout her life. This includes the sudden attack of her owner.

Incidentally, this type of aggression is especially common in games. If the cat has not learned what play and game hunting is like as a mini and a young kittens age, the cat may attack its humans while playing and snatch at moving parts of the body.

  • The human has disregarded the individual distance of the cat

Yes, even a cuddly cat does not want to be touched anywhere. Sometimes the cat is stroked too long in one place, which in the long run becomes uncomfortable. Or she is generally stroked "too long" and wants to show people that it is good too.

The cat signals to humans that it is time to stop now. But often people do not recognize the sign of caution. The cat finds it outrageous and gives it a clear signal with a blow or a bite.

This also means that a cat does not want to be disturbed or touched while eating, grooming and sleeping.

Even we humans do not want to be touched everywhere, by everyone and constantly. Only we express ourselves differently than cats.

  • Pain-triggering actions

If we hurt the cat, it clearly tells us with a blow that it was not ok. This can happen when stroking, playing, or accidentally, for example when we kick her on the tail. If it was a little worse, the emergency pharmacy for cats can provide  first aid.

That the cat defends here, however, or reflexes, is somehow clear, right?

By the way, an absolute no-go is to fight back, push away the cat, inflict pain on her, or become aggressive in some way.

First, because the cat reacts cat-typical and only we humans often do not understand it and second, because it would worsen the relationship between cat and human. The cat would be afraid of its owner, would pull back or show even more aggressiveness out of fear .

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