Cat Training: The 3 Common Mistakes In Dealing With Cats

Cat Training: The 3 Common Mistakes In Dealing With Cats

Whether cat training succeeds, whether it is easy to do with it or has difficulties with it depends on a few factors. Today I would like to tell you the 3 most common mistakes that cause the education of the cats does not go as you had imagined.

If cat owners are annoyed with the behavior of their cats, then this usually has no nice consequences - for the owners and for the cats.

So Far You Should Not Let It Come
But if the relationship between cat and owner already has a kink, it is often difficult to establish a trusting relationship again. That's why you should not let it get that far. After all, cat education is not difficult at all. In order to make it work right from the start, conversations between all those involved in the household are usually helpful before the cats move in. One should briefly discuss a few cornerstones of cat education, after which all will act. If you're not sure what to look for, a cat therapist's advice and tips may be worth your while.

3 Mistakes In Cat Training

1. Wrong View
Having the wrong point of view in this case does not mean that there are not other "ways" to "educate" cats than I do ... By sight, I simply mean the point of view of the cats.

It starts with the fact that cats are much smaller than us humans. So I think it makes sense, for example, to go alone in the interior of the apartment times on the size of the cats and to look at the apartment from the perspective, if you see them only about 30 inches from the ground.

But that's not all. By view, I also mean to look at the life of the cat from their point of view. Why did the cat do that now? Why did the cat scratch the sofa? Or why did not she go to the litter box? What is it like for a cat to live as a single cat in an apartment for ten years?

One should answer when answering the questions not from the human point of view, but from a cat's point of view. I think that's very important. Perhaps the most important element to understand cats.

2. Impatience
Oh yes, dear impatience. I myself am a truly impatient person. If I have an idea in my head, I would like to realize it in the next second. Sometimes I wish to be Bibi Blocksberg and conjure up "hex hex" everything I need to get started.

So I first had to learn that impatience is one of the most counterproductive traits in cat training. But I managed it (olé)! And I think my cats thank me for that. They live at their pace. They absolutely do not have to look after us and I think that's why they like to come after us.

As you may think, I owe my patience to cats to Mammina . A few years ago, when she came to see us, she showed me how precious it is for a cat to be pushed to nothing. Exactly then they surprise us with progress. And as a cat owner I can not find anything better than to see how great your own cat is developing and to see that she is well and happy.

3. Inconsistency
Each of us knows that inconsistency in education is quite counterproductive. Not only in cats. Whether children, dogs, horses or ants (or husbands, haha), consistency is important. Sometimes a Hü, sometimes a Hott is quite irritating for cats.

Once they are allowed on the table, not next time. Once they get something delicious from the dining table, the next time not. Once they are allowed to sleep in bed, the next time not. But once the cat has sniffed the sweet air of the nightly bed or the sweet smell of the chicken on the plate, then she wants more.

If she does not get the "more", she is naturally irritated. She's got it before, why does not anyone hear her sitting down on the table leg and devoutly mewing for the chicken? Impudence!

But cats are pretty cute and such a "meow" can sound pretty heartbreaking. Do not you think so? I know that too well! I will not take me out there. When we see these looks, we often can not resist

Then we can not complain afterwards or put the blame on the cat. Also consequence wants to be practiced - above all of us humans.

How is your cat education going? Have you ever thought about how you want to raise your cats, or is it all natural to you?

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