Jealous Of The Cat? 3 Points I Envy My Cats

Jealous Of The Cat? 3 Points I Envy My Cats

Cats just have it so good! You do not have to pay taxes, you do not have to worry about any job, and you do not have to go shopping. Gorgeous! Yes, sometimes (often) I am a little jealous of my cat's life. Why, I would like to tell you today with a smile and I'm curious, in which points you agree with me.

Am I Jealous Of My Cat? Words To Smile With Veracity
"She has a shot," some may now think. But I personally feel the life of a cat living in a beloved and safe environment, pretty nice!

The situation is different for cats, of course, who do not feel well in their home. Who may experience violence from their owners, who get bad or too little food and who may have to go through life without a cat partner or touching human partner ...

Today, I would like to concentrate on the four-legged friends who are doing well. For example, my three. Hach, I really think my babes are pretty happy. So happy that sometimes I would like to trade with them ...

What raisins I would like to pick from a cat's life, I want to tell you today.

No Stress During Meal Preparation
Actually, I like to cook a lot and, according to my husband, well. But at the moment I have a big lack of cooking and I have to get up quite a bit, to put myself on the stove, to cut vegetables and Co. How practical is there only our lovely kitty, right? I think they do not know how awesome that is when someone puts food on your face every day.

You get up, get your breakfast. If things are going well then even your favorite human. When things are going so well, he's even worked hard for you and stuffed your favorite food. In Puschi's case, that would be duck, for example.

No Stress During Meal Preparation

For me as a vegetarian, that would be nothing, but I'm looking forward to a simple croissant in the morning. And a coffee. Oh, actually I would be happy about a ready cup of coffee in the morning. But no, I get up, take care of the cats and then I have to make myself a coffee myself. Imagine that! Make a coffee yourself! From a cat's point of view an absurdity! Hach, the babes have it well. Yes, not having any stress on the food and fluid intake would definitely be a raisin that I would pick from such a cat's life.

Attention Whenever I Want
So that this point is not misunderstood, I first have to mention that my husband gives me wonderful attention. I really can not complain, even appreciate it. He is great! If I feel bad, he immediately realizes it and meets the words or the hug I need now.

But imagine that in the cats. When one of my three cats enters the room, I greet them immediately. Do not laugh at me, but I often ask her how she isSometimes they answer me, sometimes not. Whatever you want.

Attention Whenever I Want

But the point is that (many) cats simply take the attention they want and we humans are happy to give it to them.

Let's take a few examples: your cat gets up, is usually mated in bed. Your cat comes to you, gets petted. Your cat goes to another room, is said goodbye. Your cat will come back, will be greeted and caressed again. And that's how it works all day! The whole!

In the evening, when you are lying on the couch, for example, then the little mouse comes back and lets himself be cuddled to sleep. I mean…. What is this dream life?

And the great thing is, once the cat has zero attention, then it hides in her corner or in the closet or in the case of a free-fall under the favorite bush and Miezi has her rest. Alright ... and that brings me straight to the third point.

Sleep Whenever And Wherever You Want
For years, I say, cats are so terribly good! They can lay down in the middle of the floor and fall asleep and nobody cares. Yes it is very normal or even super cute! Do you do that as a human? Lie down somewhere on the floor. Everyone would look at you stupid.

It's not necessarily that I want to lie down on the floor all the time, but I'd like it cool if I could, if I wanted to, and nobody would stare at me.

Sleep Whenever And Wherever You Want

Also, sometimes I have the urge to sleep through rainy days just as our kittens do. Nobody who tells me what else to do, no one (the inner voice) who tells me to go shopping and go to the bank and nobody who points out that the apartment should be cleaned again. Do not hang laundry, no appointments, no compulsion.

Just sleep whenever you want. Yes, I sometimes find that pretty nice. Yes, I envy my cats ...

What do you say? Are you smiling at my words or can you recognize a certain truth in one way or another? let me know

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