Right Behavior, If Neighbor's Cat Wants To Move In With You

Right Behavior, If Neighbor's Cat Wants To Move In With You

One or two of you may know that our sweet little Shadow decided to move in with us once and was once a neighbor's cat. Today it's about how you behave best as a cat owner in this situation - the cats opposite and also the neighbors.

In my opinion, it is one of the most intriguing things about cats - they pick their own owner and do not just stay where they do not like it or they get little affection. The speech is, of course, only of freelancers - is clear.

If Neighbor's Cat Wants To Move In With You
That's exactly what happened to us. Our kitten, Shadow, decided to live with us and our two-man team two years ago. (You can read Shadow's story here ). Recently, a dear reader, has written to me with the request for advice, because even with her, a cat lady from the neighborhood for the collection makes an effort. For this to work well, you should pay attention to a few things. And that is exactly why it should be today.

Why Cats Are Looking For A New Home
There can be many reasons here. I want to list a few:
  • Lack of attention (holder is much gone)
  • Cat feels lonely
  • Cat is doused by other cats
  • Too much stress in the home (noise, too many people)
  • Cat is not treated well
  • Cat does not get along well with kids
  • Cat feels neglected by baby
  • Cat gets too little food

Cats usually do not go by the motto "so I'm going away, let's see where I come from", but have usually already chosen a new home before they say goodbye to the old home.

What Is Different In The New Home?
Again, there can be a variety of reasons. Most likely, the new home is simply more comfortable for the cat. Much less stress, much more attention, regular food and possibly also cat mate. Or no cat that annoys you and a lot of petting a quiet person.

How Do I Behave Towards The Neighbors?
If you notice that the neighbor cat is staying with you more often, you should definitely inform the neighbor about it. This should be aware of what it is that his cat is looking for the proximity of another house and its inhabitants. First and foremost is the welfare of the cat. Are you ready to take this cat? Well, the cat will be very happy about that. What you definitely need is the consent of the previous owner. Simply taking in a cat without notifying the owner and discussing everything with him does not work!

Right Behavior, If Neighbor's Cat Wants To Move In With You

If The Cats Do Not Tolerate Each Other
If the cat decides to move to you, then it has good reasons. Nevertheless, it can happen that it does not immediately arrive well with the cats already living in the household.

That was also the case for me. My cat Puschi loves all catladies, he had absolutely no problems with Shadows move in. Mammina, on the other hand, always scared Shadow away. Mammina is a little diva, she quickly becomes effervescent if you pay more attention to another cat than you do. In addition, a third cat enters their territory, which of course must be defended. After all, it is up to you, the owners, the cats to facilitate living together and to provide less rivalry in the house.

How You As A Keeper Can Support Your Cats
  • You as a holder play a central role in the peaceful coexistence of the new triad. First and foremost, you should consciously decide to accept the new cat . Cats feel the attitude of their counterpart. If she is still 'neighbor's cat' to you, she will not be accepted properly by all four-legged members.
  • Shadow has felt a remarkable difference in their behavior from the second we said, okay, you're officially here now.
  • In addition, you should never prefer the new cat . This is difficult, because you want to pay a lot of attention to the new cat, if she did not get it before. But that would stoke the jealousy of the other cats. So take care of the cats that have lived with you before. Remember that your affection, despite the new cat does not change them, they see the entry of the new cat relaxed.
  • In order not to confuse your cats any further, you should not break any rules because of the new cat. Cats are very important to rituals to feel good. So be sure to stop all the rituals that have been done so far . This includes things like mealtimes, seasons, pats and the well-known places. Feeders or the litter box should continue to stand where it was and your cats should continue to sleep there or stay where they were allowed to.
  • Avoid any food offense . All cats should be given food or treats at the same time, and no cat should steal the other's food. Often the weaker cats (usually the new ones) are attacked while eating. Simply to make the dominance clear.
  • Joint activities increase acceptance and strengthen the new pack. Now your skills as a cat owner are in demand. If the situation turns out to be so, you should at the same time deal with two cats, who still have to get used to each other. When she tries to stroke her at the same time, she tries to pet at the same time (luckily we have two hands) or think of other common activities. With us common walks have made small miracles.
  • One thing is very important, the cats always have to establish their own ranking, For example, Puschi is clearly the boss here, there is no way around him. Then comes our little diva Mammina and Shadow finally had to submit to everyone - which she had no problem with. It still happens today that one or the other tries to shake things up, but that's normal for cats. In order to produce such a hierarchy, the cats do not come around for scuffles with each other. Since like one (or more) cat blow is given, as is breathed and also screamed something. But that's what the cats have to do. You as a cat owner should only intervene if a cat fight could lead to injuries. I know, it's often hard to watch, but your cats have to get through to live together peacefully later on.
  • There are homeopathic remedies that can help your cats in such a situation. Bach flowers or homeopathic remedies can be used for more acceptance and less jealousy . The best way to do this is to have a behavioral therapist for cats who can advise you in choosing the right remedy for your case.
  • The most important thing is to give you and the new pack time . In the fewest cases, everything works after a week or a month. Mammina distributes even today one or the other paw slash. Very harmless and without claws. Just to show it, hey, I'm the stronger one.

I think if two (or even three) completely different cats can live together after some time, without attacking or hurting, this is really a great way! Stay tuned, that can really work!

PS: By the way, intentionally feeding foreign cats is a no-go!

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