The Wild 5 Minutes Of The Cats

The Wild 5 Minutes Of The Cats

Do you know that too? The cat runs wildly through the apartment, banging one hook after the other and doing lots of funny things about which we sometimes have to wonder pretty much? Oh yes, these are the famous 5 minutes of the cats. But what does that mean? And should we be worried about that?

It can be a bit of a laugh to see your own cat running wildly through the apartment, she jumps on all sorts of furniture and seems to chase after things that do not really exist. The wild 5 minutes of cats can be quite entertaining for spectators. Today I want to tell you what the famous 5 minutes are all about.

Typical actions of the cat
  • Wild run through the apartment
  • Verfolgungsjagdten
  • Pursuit and hunt for imaginary things
  • Sudden, rigid persistence
  • Jump on tables, chairs, cabinets

Are the '5 minutes' normal?
Many see this behavior of the cat as 'not normal'. It is more than typical for cats. And right away: your cat does not spin and 'harmful' are the 5 minutes not even for your cat. Still, you should ask yourself why she runs so wildly around the apartment - especially if she does so very often.

Reasons For The 5 Minutes Of The Cats
Cats are hunting wildly through the apartment to reduce excess energy. Probably there has not been so much going on recently and your cat has accumulated a lot of energy and frustration. Above all, one can observe the 5 minutes with flat cats particularly often, because here it is the cats the most difficult, their energy in natural drives such as hunting, or lurking for prey to break down.

In these 5 minutes, Kitty lets everything out, what has accumulated, the so-called substitute action is a welcome valve for them. After that, she'll probably fall back on the couch, relax and pretend that nothing had happened. Energy dissipated - everything is fine again.

The Wild 5 Minutes Of The Cats

So you can support your cat
Of course, we can help our cats get rid of their accumulated energy. We can provide you with incentives in your own home, which occupy and challenge the cats. And, of course, extended and fixed hours of play are part of everyday life in every cat's household. If your cat is a single cat, a second cat will do her good. Although this does not replace your attention, but the boredom has it so much harder. It is also helpful to give the cat clearance - of course, only if it allows your living environment.

Examples of employment
  • Employment games for cats (look here)
  • Scratching posts or climbing course in the apartment
  • Cat-human time
  • Daily fixed game hours
  • Hunting games with cat fishing
  • Balls to chase after (look here)

I hope I could contribute a bit to the education about the famous 5 minutes of cats. And maybe you've found one or the other point where you can help your cat to lose excess energy.

Until then, it's good! Your Annika with a fluffy attachment

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