Tips: So You Animate Your Cat To Drink

Tips: So You Animate Your Cat To Drink

As you know, I have three cats. Not every one of them drinks the same amount. While Mammina is very exemplary in terms of drinking, I rarely see Puschi slurping water. Is your cat drinking a little? Then today I have a few tips for you, how you can animate your cat to drink.

I have set up in our apartment two water bowls, where I see Mammina more often, Shadow sometimes and Puschi never drink ... Since we have a stream directly outside the house and some ponds and ponds, I assume (or I have it also seen more often) that Puschi takes his necessary fluid only outdoors.

If you also have a few lazy candidates at home, then today I have some tips for you on how your cats can / could drink more.

Animate Cats To Drink

Several Drinking Cups
Why put only a drinking bowl in the apartment / in the house? If you offer your cat several options for drinking, it may mean that she drinks more. Maybe you do not like the one drinking place for some reason, another one all the more.

So my tip: set up in your apartment but two or more drinking cups in different rooms and on different levels. Do you have a balcony, a terrace or a garden? Then you can also offer your cat a drinking place here.

Place Correctly
I have told you before , but drinking bowls have nothing to look for in cats next to the feeding bowls. Since cats in the wild do not drink where they eat, this is also common in cats in housing . Therefore, the drinking cup should be a few meters - better still in another room.

In addition, the drinking area should be protected from drafts and also in a quiet place where the cat does not feel observed by other cats or people.

Wet Food
Who feeds his cats wet food, does his cat something good. Because, as the name already suggests, wet food contains much more liquid than dry food. Dry food as the sole food is not suitable for cats. When cats eat dry food, they should always drink water.

Wet food, on the other hand, already covers the liquid content of a cat.

Water Tap
Some cats love to drink from the running tap.

Animate Cats To Drink

My sweet cat mouse Shadow is also such a candidate. She jumps on the edge of our bathtub and sits next to the tap. Then of course she expects me to get him up and running. As soon as it trickles, she drinks it and grabs the drops. The running water animates many cats to drink. Give it a try. Maybe your cat is crazy about running taps.

Drinking Fountain
Similar to the running faucet, it is a drinking fountain in cats. This is in a quiet place in the apartment and always flows easily to himself. Many cats love this and feel animated for drinking.

Playful For Drinking
Sometimes it is hard work to encourage your cats to drink. You have to come up with something. What my cat Mammina loves is a table tennis ball floating in a tub filled with water. Then she playfully hits the ball with her paws and also drinks some water. Maybe that's good for your cat too. Just be creative ...

Animate Cats To Drink

Ice Cubes
Ice cubes are a great idea, especially in summer. Just put a few ice cubes on a plate and let your cat play with it and lick it. In summer, they have the great side effect that the cats not only take liquid, but also cool off a bit.

Do you have another great idea how to animate cats to drink, then let me know and I'll include it in my list.

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