Uncleanliness in Cats : Reasons & Triggers

Uncleanliness in Cats : Reasons & Triggers

Does your cat sometimes miss? Reasons for uncleanliness in cats are almost like sand on the sea. And as different as the cat characters are, so different may be the reasons for uncleanliness. That's why this time I'm dealing with the triggers of uncleanliness.

Many say that the uncleanliness came quite suddenly, some report of 'always'. Sometimes it seems that the cat itself does not know whether to make it to or in the litter box today.

But One Thing The Cat Never Wants. Annoy You! And That Is Very Important!
A cat does not just pee on the door, on the sofa or on the shelf. The cat is not mean and wants to annoy you. She has her reasons. And she wants to tell you in kitsch that there is something that bothers her. It is very typical of the species.

Now it's up to you to figure out what's the cause of the cat's messiness. I would like to enumerate some known triggers that often lead to uncleanliness in cats.

Reasons For Uncleanliness In Cats
  • Moving (the cat loses her usual territory)
  • Changing the apartment / new furniture
  • New partners (the cat feels neglected or worried by new partners)
  • New, animal housemates
  • Loss and mourning for a partner (animal or human)
  • The cat is alone too long
  • The cat is not busy enough (fixed seasons)
  • The cat lacks routine (cats love routine!)
  • Hustle, noise, loud noises (cats hate loud screams or door-slamming!)
  • A baby moves in (neglect? Jealousy?)
  • Threat of foreign cats (animals) inside or outside the apartment
  • Accommodation in pet board (or foreign house) during the absence of the holder
  • Craftsman in the house
  • Places that the cat was allowed to use earlier are suddenly taboo
  • Missing social partners (second cat)
  • Stress of any kind
  • Frequent parties / often strangers in the apartment
  • The cat is locked out
  • The cat is suddenly denied clearance
  • New feeding bowls
  • Mistakes related to the cat litter box (all you can find here )
  • Threat during the business on the cat toilet
  • Bad experience while using the cat litter box
  • illness

If I'm honest, I could keep the list going forever. But I think you also get such a good insight into the psychic life of the sensitive cats. Even many little things that people do not even notice can cause stress for the cat. That may mean that the sofa is suddenly different. But even a loud dispute between the owners can cause enormous stress in the cat and lead to uncleanliness. Here it is very special to reach out to the cat and find out what the trigger could be.

Is My Cat Ill?
Often your cat also wants to tell you by her uncleanliness that she is not feeling well. Therefore, you should always play it safe and go with your cat to the vet. (Or let the vet come). My personal opinion is that when you make the decision to buy a cat, you are also responsible for your well-being. With a check at the vet you do not rush into extreme expenses and that should be worth a cat.

Uncleanliness in Cats : Reasons & Triggers

If Only It Were The Uncleanliness
Sometimes it's not just dirtiness, sometimes the cat starts scratching at the door frame she pees on. I think help is needed here. A local cat therapist who can visit and observe you, meet you and your cat, and see the home environment will help you with the problem. Here the limit of virtual helping is exceeded

To ask for expert help in cats is still a taboo topic for some. Maybe it's embarrassing - I do not know. In dogs, the inhibition threshold is much lower and it is much easier and often exceeded. Sometimes just the tip of the therapist is enough. So rather invest in the recovery of the cat and save weeks, months or even years full of trouble, urine smell and broken furniture.

And Further?
Maybe one or the other of you already did a 'click' while reading my bullet points and you can already guess for yourself what triggers the uncleanness of your cat.

My Uncleanliness series will definitely go further. In the next articles on this topic, I deal with, among other things, the correct behavior in case of uncleanliness.

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