When A Cat Decides To Change Family

When I tell this story to friends, acquaintances or even strangers, they can not really believe many. Because we got cat growth without 'picking' a new cat. We, that's my husband and I and our two cats Puschi and Mammina. Because in the autumn of 2016 Shadow (pronounced: Schado) moved in, simply because she had chosen it that way.

Shadow is the little cuteness down in the photo. Shadow was not a stray but a neighbor's cat a few doors down. He adopted her from a Croatian shelter three years ago. Shadow lived as a pure outside cat in a family of three schoolchildren. As an outside cat, because no cat flap was allowed to be attached to the house and then she eventually became 'annoying' inside. She probably scratched the inside of the doors and the same.

When A Cat Decides To Change Family

Shadow and our big cat Puschi have always been friends, but Mammina did not really like Shadow and always chased her off the property when she saw her. Nevertheless, Shadow sometimes came to our house. For example, in the summer, when the patio door was open, she went into the kitchen, stole some cat food and disappeared again. At some point we discovered that she was sleeping in my closet. Since I wanted to provide the little mouse with a warm sleeping space, I cleared a separate compartment for her and laid it warm and cozy with a blanket. Almost every day she lay in it and slept there in peace. She did not participate in family life, she behaved inconspicuously and did not like to be touched.

Of course, we told our neighbors that Shadow sometimes stays with us, which was ok for them. They found them somehow strange and had already considered whether they should not give them away. So, a year and a half passed. When it was cool, we saw it more often, then sporadically in summer. Until last fall.

When A Cat Decides To Change Family

We noticed that Shadow is suddenly more often with us. She ate regularly with us and looked for other places to sleep in the apartment. She began to make herself comfortable on our sofa and took the window sill in the kitchen for herself. I worked with Mammina to better accept Shadow, which I did well and we (my husband and I) decided to adopt Shadow if our neighbors agree.

When A Cat Decides To Change Family

After a brief conversation with our neighbors, the matter was settled, Shadow - the unrecognized treasure - now officially belonged to us. From that moment something happened that I really did not expect. The little dachshund, who also liked to run against closed doors and move his head very strangely 360 degrees, changed himself 180 degrees. She loved to play it suddenly, enjoyed our attention, demanded pats (even on the stomach! My first cat likes that!), Loved to be combed, developed droll whimsy in the house (She loves to hang out with my husband at the faucet play) and we even caught her cuddling with Mammina! She has settled in so well with us, she lays more and more off her nervous ticks and her coat is now silky smooth. One thing she has not shown us yet, her treading *, I'm curious if that will come at some point! (* edit: In the beginning of 2018 Shadow showed us her stepping for the first time, I was so touched and happy that my tears came).

When A Cat Decides To Change Family

But we have a problem now: we need a bigger sofa 

This cat gives us so much joy - thank you Shadow, that you have chosen us as your new family!

From time to time it happens that cats say goodbye to their family and look for a new one. Of course, only with free-fallers, it is clear. It is important that the families speak openly and find the best solution for the cat. Because not we choose our cats, but the cats choose their home. 

By the way, an absolute no-go is to feed a foreign cat extra, because of course the four-legged friends stay where they get something delicious to eat. And the family at home then wonders where the cat stays, or why she eats so changed. So if you notice that a strange cat is staying with you more and more often, you should definitely make out their owner and talk openly with him.

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