Why A Castration Obligation For Free-Range Cats Can Save Lives

Why A Castration Obligation For Free-Range Cats Can Save Lives

The castration obligation for free-range cats is a much discussed topic. I can understand why many do not want to have their cats castrated. Cats babies are finally sweet! However, once you have experienced the suffering of free-range cats that do not have a steady home, you may be able to understand why many animal rights activists are in favor of a general castration obligation. Today I would like to write a few of my thoughts about it.

My First Experience With Stray Cats
For the first time I came in contact with strays at the age of about six years. It was already dark outside, but a strange noise - yes screams - kept us awake. We went out to see where this sound came from. In front of our house my parents had stacked firewood on the wall. What we discovered behind it? A cat mum just got her kittens. A truly touching sight! The cat mummy was a stray dog. We took care of the mommy and one of her kittens. At that time we were able to convey the others to a loving home. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if the cat had not born her kittens right in front of our house ...

It was already clear to our neighbor that something had to be done to deal with the suffering, which often goes hand in hand with strays. Gradually, she managed to neuter all strays in the area. So that was the first and last time that we had kittens. At that time, as a young child, I did not even know what that all meant.

My Second Experience With Stray Cats
My second experience with stray cats was on a holiday in Italy. Although it was also very sad, this experience was one of the most touching of my life at the same time.

Like many cat fans, I can not go on vacation without a cat. For years my husband and I go to the same house in Tuscany once a year. There are a lot of stray cats in Italy. Most of them, as so often, uncastrated.

There is a beautiful tortoiseshell lady on the spot, we christened her Chico. Year after year she spends our holiday week with us. She sleeps on the chairs in front of the house, gets food from us when we are there and a lot of petting. On our second holiday there, we heard that Chico had a very young offspring. We never saw her kittens, she hid them pretty well. On our last holiday evening I heard in the evening a loud screaming and Viepen in front of the door. I opened it and saw Chico with her kitten in her mouth. She had brought her to us. I still do not know why. Did she want to show it to us? Or did she know we could help her?

The little red kitten was estimated to be just four weeks old, helpless. I knew I was his first human contact, so I was aloof and just gave them food. The little kitten stood on the plate and ate eagerly. They spent the whole night with us. After that, I never saw it again ...

Since then, every holiday for us, Chico, means to provide us with their offspring. The last time we were there, we even met two generations of offspring. I do not want to imagine what hardships that must be for Chico. This could save her and her offspring so much suffering. With a castration.

Why A Castration Obligation For Free-Range Cats Can Save Lives

My Third Experience With Stray Cats
The problem with always giving birth cats is not only in Italy, no, we have it here too. A few years ago our distant neighbors brought home a group of cats from their vacation, let them run around freely, but not castrate them. Every year there are 2x a year offspring. Of course, also among each other. This is then partially sold, or he simply stays here and soon gives birth to many, many kittens.

Uncastrated cats have a much larger area than castrated cats. This also means that they take much greater risks when walking through their territory. Many of them end with death.

Since uncastrated tomcats also rarely tolerate other hangovers in their territory, it often leads to real power struggles among the cats. My Puschi can sing a song about it, too often he has become the victim of an uncastrated cat. Of these battles, he was sometimes already so bad injuries that they had to be treated with antibiotics.

My Opinion On The Castration Obligation For Free-Range Cats
All these experiences really only allow me to come to a conclusion. So much suffering could be avoided, one would introduce a general castration obligation for free-range cats. I know, offspring is super cute, but not the suffering that just too often goes with it.

Every year the shelters are overcrowded because they have to absorb a lot of kittens, mostly from cats who enjoy free passage and have been able to reproduce unhindered. Every year, too many cats die as they feel the urge to roam their great territory under many dangers. Every year, cats die violently in battle with dominant, uncastrated cats / cats.

In Germany there are an estimated two million stray cats. From a mating of cats arise in about five years about 12,600 descendants. On farms, in industrial areas, in backyards, in forests. The suffering is often hidden and therefore not known or conscious. Who can stop this suffering? We!

Here I have linked to you a list in which cities in Germany there is now the castration obligation for release cats. I'm not connected to the linked club, I think the information is only interesting.

Let me know how you feel about this topic!

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