Why It Is So Important To Adopt Cats And Not To Buy

Why It Is So Important To Adopt Cats And Not To Buy

At the moment, the Munich Animal Shelter is doing a big campaign with actor Hannes Jaenicke and sports reporter Andrea Kaiser, in which it is advertised to adopt animals and not to buy. I put the hashtag #adoptdontshop under almost every Instagram post, because the topic is personally very important to me.

At a young age, I naively and ignorantly made the mistake of buying a cat. Fortunately, this came from a private household and no mass breeding, but today I know that this was wrong. No question, I loved my little cat above all else and I do not want to miss the time with him today. I got my sweet tooth with just six weeks, way too early! I did not know better then. Luckily, my cat was always fine, even if, looking back on my current knowledge, I noticed some behavioral problems with him.

But you learn from mistakes. That's why it's even more important for me to share my experiences with you. So you can do it better than me then.

Cats From The Internet
Many cats are offered for sale on the internet. Where these really come from, you can probably only partially guess. Cats are often used as 'breeding machines' to take away the kitten early and sell them. The cats have neither the necessary medical precaution, nor are they socialized in an appropriate way. If you buy one of these cats - they are still so sweet - you support with his money these machinations. As long as the money goes, that will not stop, because this is not about the cat, but about business.

Adopt Cats
There are so many other ways to take in a cat. Hundreds of cats are housed and mediated annually in animal shelters or animal welfare organizations. For example, they are rescued from poor posture, given by people who can no longer afford an animal or are rescued and nursed back on the street. Hard to believe, but in Germany there are about two million stray cats!

We adopted our cat Mammina via an animal protection organization from Sardinia. Actually, she should 'only' come to us as a foster cat and be forwarded when she is ready. But we and our cat Puschi fell madly in love with Mammina and we could not let her go. Mammina shows us today - after much patience, time and work - her love and gratitude. I could not imagine a life without our little anchovy.

Why It Is So Important To Adopt Cats And Not To Buy

Support By Animal Rights Activists
When choosing your cat you will get help from the animal shelter staff or the animal rights activists who know their animals exactly and together with you select the right cat for you. Here you should not only go after the appearance of the cat, but to get to know their character during visits and explore whether the chemistry is right. Personally, I'm a proponent of a multi-cat household - so why not adopt two cats at once ?

With an adoption you save a sad little soul and give it a new, happy home. And you will see, your cat will thank you very much later!

PS: All my three cats are adopted by the way ♥

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