Hi, my name is Marvin Garcia, I'm in my 30's and I'm a threefold kitty. It has not always been as clear to me as it is today that cats are my vocation. I worked in the fashion industry after graduating and thought that was it. But at some point everything became too superficial. I quit, took a break and found my way during this break. I trained as a behavior therapist & psychologist for cats and could not be happier about this step. Today I advise cat owners, work with cats, run my blog "cat kitten kater", write posts for others and are currently sitting on my first book. Of course about cats, what else

I am committed to stay-up cats and if time permits I like to go to the shelter for cat stroking. In addition, sustainability is important to me, because I want our children and their children to enjoy our beautiful and green world. 
course I would like to introduce my cats to you as well. 

This is Croatian Shadow, the white-tigered mouse, which was seen quite often in our post with "hundkatzemaus" . At about 7 years old, she is the youngest in the league and therefore the most curious. Shadow was originally the cat of a neighbor. But since she was not allowed in, she eventually decided to join us. After a short conversation with our neighbor, she finally officially became a Holzkamp.

Also belongs to us Mammina (about 12 years old). Mammina originally came to us as a nursing cat from Sardinia. She was a big scared cat and finally inspired me to train. In the meantime, the mouse is no longer a foster cat because I have fallen madly in love with her and did not have the heart to give her back. Today, she tabbers me everywhere and has become a big pussycat. The third is Kater Puschi.

The Norwegian mix is ​​now 16 years old and thus the senior of the three. My husband brought him into the relationship at that time. Puschi immediately accepted me as Meowmy and I love him above all else. He has the mischief in the neck, even if it is now not quite as fast moving, as in his youth.

I myself am very close to nature, love walks through the forest, make every cat I meet "aww", I am a big fan of sheep since my birth and would like to keep some even at some point. I live for many years as a vegetarian for animal welfare reasons and have fallen madly in love with Italy. I love plants, macrame, wood, crafts, gardening, boho flair and my little familyI do not have a pair of high heels and probably would not be able to walk in it anyway. I like to work and destroy pretty much every inch of rife that falls into my hand. According to my husband, I collect cups, pillows and blankets, but I do not think so

Cats are wonderful animals for me, who can teach us so much that we humans forget in everyday life. For example, to live in the here and now!

Finally, in November 2017, I started my own cat blog with "cat kitten kater" and have provided you with useful tips about cats, interesting facts about quadrupeds, great cat hacks, recipes for cats, interesting product tests, sustainable DIYs and a whole lot of cuteness , I hope you feel good!

Love, your Marvin

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